What's The

First Step?

Initial Hydroloop Project Assessment

An in-depth assessment and Hydroloop New Business

-What is the Business first step?

To propose The Hydroloop® System© as the alternative and post-COVID global development solution.

HYDROLOOP is class 39 trademark:

HYDROLOOP is a Trademark as Transportation services, namely, high-speed transportation of passengers and goods in tubes; Consulting and advisory services in the field of transportation; Provision of information in the field of transportation via a website; Providing information in the field of transportation.

– What is The Hydroloop® System© Unique Selling Points?

Hydroloop® System© is the next cleanest multi-function mass transport system using freshwater and geothermal energy.

By consulting and advising Public/Private Partners on how to design, test, and implement the Hydroloop® to create System sub-patents.

– What are the marketing plan?

– What are the Start up costs?

– What skills do the team have or need to develop?

– Who are The Hydroloop® System© target customers?

– Are The Hydroloop® System© team be able to start trading within the next 25 weeks (6 months)?

Things The Hydroloop® System© team must work on

Any material that The Hydroloop® System© team feel may be useful for his business assessment.

– If The Hydroloop® System© team is looking to apply for a Start-Up Loan, latest credit check and score?