How does

it work?

Urgent Need for Global Development

Transport fresh water worldwide

Global risks are not limited to financial crisis, but the latest is caused by the lag of Big and Global scale Mega project to satisfy all sectors of the world economy, all government system, all sections of society, and all region, every continent of the world, not just developed world, therefore, 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐲𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐩 𝐒𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐦 is the only option to satisfy such needs. Global Problems and at the same time, the delay to explore the in-finite resources will be solved.

Hydroloop System Concept

We will start to supply fresh water continuously starting from Laos, then upgrade to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Singapore, India… all the way to the entire Africa

The Hydroloop® System© can as well transfer Coldness to cool hot regions. Once recharged with heat, warmer water can heat cold and freezing location. In case Earth climate suddenly shift to Catastrophic Global Warming or Glacial periods, The Hydroloop® System© will be ready as the only solution to reduce risks related to those changes. Sea Level can be adjusted to allow ships continuous passage between existing maritime routes and reduce coastal city floods whatever the Climate fears.

The Hydroloop® System© is a Safer Transport System! Current means of transport are affected when there are Volcanic Eruption, Quakes, heavy snowfalls, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, fire, solar flares, asteroids impact, glaciers periodically advance and retreat…

The Hydroloop® System© will be built to withstand or to avoid them from happening. Global freshwater scarcity in some areas while over-abundance in another will be eliminated, therefore, Global Famine reduction with safer indoor and on land food production, replenishing desert belts, lost forests, rivers, oceans, animals and wildlife… In another word: “healing the planet”. Waste, Toxic Materials industrial and domestic waste) that pollute Earth will be reduced by transporting to outer space to be safely disposed of,

The Hydroloop® System© will create Real Assets large enough to satisfy the New fairer Global Banking system and World governments working for the people’s Bonds, treasuries, promissory… with real increases of Global GDP, and real value revenues…

The Hydroloop® System© will better perform Pensions, Insurances and Trust Funds Return of Investment.

The Hydroloop® System© is the only Fast Track progress Program to type 1, type 2, type 3 civilisation and beyond.

The Hydroloop® System© is a new Concept to accelerate the water cycles distributing energy without high voltage distribution system, water, goods (eliminating risks from volcanic eruptions and solar flares), heat/coldness on-demand. Just like The defunded Hyperloop, but filled by freshwater high pressurised by geothermal using magma chamber that makes a lot more senses to satisfy future demand of very soon 10 billion population.

The Hydroloop® System© concept: universal transport system with large volume distribution of freshwater, fresh air, energy (electricity, heat/coldness), at the same time, allowing transport of goods and people within most planets, starting with Earth and outer space. This system will create much more real physical assets to satisfy the financial system.

The Hydroloop® System© Specification

Type One Civilisation System

Harvesting the Energy of An Entire Planet.

Possibilities 99%

The Hydroloop® System© Specification

● ​​​​​​​Geothermal power stations are similar to other steam turbine thermal power stations in that heat from a fuel source (in geothermal case, the Earth's core) is used to heat water or another working fluid. The working fluid is then used to turn a turbine of a generator, thereby producing electricity. Thermal power generation is one feasible solution that will work in outer space using the Sun as the heat source in one side, and the darkness to cool on the other side. Geothermal will provide clean, renewable electricity and heat as needed. The Hydroloop® System© will extend water distribution by directly transfer hot steam for hot water supply and the cold steam will continue upward to be cooled, condense and become liquid and cold to feed the cold water supply.

● The Hydroloop® System© will distribute hot water from the primary water cycle powered by geothermal capable to control Earth magnetic field. Superheated water together with cold water from the secondary water cycle will be channelled in parallel. The mix channel consisting of pressure from hot and cold water channel will be used as a transport system and to heat cold areas and cool warm regions, and make both hot and cold water globally available, generate electricity at exit point and return water to start the loops.

● As the loops expand, The Hydroloop® System© will allow us to make our way into the stars.

The Hydroloop® System© as:

● the only Solution to avoid Mass Extinction events

● a Global GDP multiplier

● a fast track progress to Type 1 civilization


Where should we build a prototype?

We will build a prototype in Laos. 

Laos is in the areas that has lots of freshwater, areas of monsoon rain, tropical cyclones and precipitations.

Confirm the warm tropical monsoon climate region of SE Asia, Laos has too much freshwater with most under not too deep under mountainous ground stored, flowing down, refilled each year since aeons.

Laos is low in population, just 7 million living on the land the size near Great Britain. Laos is mountainous and surrounded by low altitude cultivable land that will need lots of fresh water such as Thailand, Cambodia, all South Asia, and MENA.

It has high speed link direct with China, the world factory and will be operational next year.

By adding:

  • Tropical Cyclones, the monsoons/rains:

  • from the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Thailand & the Huge Pacific Ocean,

  • The Global Jetstream, the melting Ice from Tibet,

Confirm the warm tropical monsoon climate region of SE Asia, Laos has too much freshwater with most under not too deep under mountainous ground stored, flowing down, refilled each year since aeons.