Earth artificial Heart and Bloodstream

The Hydroloop® System© is the Earth Artificial Heart and bloodstream, a system to comply with clean energy transition, can tackle air quality, to help achieve health equity, to assist on mobilisation on Climate Change and adaptation, and is the Solution to the world biggest water challenge.

The Hydroloop® System© will globally create enough jobs, satisfy financial systems, promote healthy lifestyle and healthy food, green the deserts, etc… and will solve over-population problems without world wars.




The Hydroloop® System© is the next and cleanest multi-function mass transport system.


The Real & Realistic Global Post-COVID Recovery Program

Hydroloop® System© is the Earth's Heart and bloodstream. It's the next and cleanest multi-function mass transport system using water and geothermal energy.

Starting on Earth, by injecting sea/fresh water, or divert water pipe into hot mantle (hot spring, lava…), high pressure steam will escape by another pipe networks (or increase in a same pipeline model). Hot water will then be delivered directly. For cold water, the loop to high altitude will create cold cycle. Gravity and potential energy will allow electricity production without the need for high-voltage transmission. Cold and hot water supply will be transported separately.

The Hydroloop® System© can play a strong role in helping to achieve the world’s sustainability goals. By offering a system that has zero direct emissions, The Hydroloop® System© will transform the way people travel across the globe with cheaper access to space that will need Heart and Bloodstream©, The Hydroloop® System©.



What is The Hydroloop® System? ​The Hydroloop® is a multi-functions System ​Transport system of transition to clean energy, to transport fresh water by tube that can transport goods, people, energy, at the fraction of the actual system. ​At the same time answering to 6 challenges accepting solutions: ​

Clean energy transition

The energy transition to clean energy is a significant structural change in an energy system for cleaner and healthier planet. The use of fossils that gives rise to pollution must be gradually phase out.

Mobilisation on Climate Change

Avoid irreversible tipping point ​by physically exchanging natural heat with coldness, solve flood and drought that will solve desertification, ​reduce level of pollution (air, water, land, and in space), ​solve energy crisis, food crisis, water stress, ​adjust sea-level, ​increase food production, land values, ​restore biodiversity…

Tackling air quality

More water availability to decrease death trees, and extinguish forest fires, increase green spaces in cities and deserts, lower heat island effects and pollution therefore The Hydroloop® System will reduce particles in the air. 

Climate Adaptation to integrate Public/Private Partnership (PPP)

New products and services development will generate a win-win for both public and private sectors such as the increase of well-paid multigenerational jobs, therefore GDP and tax revenues increases. It will allow Nations to decrease their debts, avoid pension funds shortfall, even increase it.  ​  ​

Achieving Health Equity

By promoting healthy lifestyle and healthy food by identify important health disparities to reduce them.

Eliminate the unfair individual and institutional social conditions that give rise to the inequities. ​

The Hydroloop® System©

The Hydroloop® System© is the solution to the World's biggest Water Challenges:  ​In addition to solving previous 5 points, The Hydroloop® System© will allow the possibility to transport heavy loads from and to space at the fraction of the current cost making large-scale exploration of the in-finite resources possible. ​​

The Hydroloop® System© functions by injecting or diverting water to be heated underground. High temperature will increases pressure the same way as nuclear power station or any thermal Power Station.

High pressure can be used to:

  • generate electricity (geothermal);
  • transfer heat and water for long-distance;
  • transport water to higher elevation to be cooled and for kinetic energy potential;
  • by kinetic energy, cooled water will be transferred in parallel of hot water pipeline.
  • one mixed pipeline can be used as transport system.


A real inclusive “Build Back Better” Global program.

Solve flood and drought

Solve Pollution

Solve energy crisis, food crisis, and water stress

Solve climate change related issues

Solve desertification

Increase food production and land values in areas such as desert-belts

Restore biodiversity globally

Increase well-paid multigenerational jobs, GDP to decrease debts

Global Risks

& Solutions


12 out of the 17 most water-stressed countries are in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Rising demand has pushed these countries into extreme stress. Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Kuwait, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia among 12 out of 17 most-water-stressed countries depend heavily on seawater desalination systems to supply drinking water to people and industries.

Saudi Arabia's plan to divert the Nile in Ethiopia will systematically move Egypt to extremely high baseline water stress and Sudan to high baseline water stress.

The Hydroloop® System© is the only permanent and Global Solution.

Global Risks:

The possibility that something bad may happen which will affect all countries. Solution is Global Solution that will benefit all countries, everyone, fauna, flora, and the planet without advantaging one particular groups (the others that are not us).


We will propose how to end:

1. Unemployment, Bankruptcy, The Destruction and Permanent closure of SME

2. Suicide, Overdoses, Domestic abuse, Child Abuse, Depression, Starvation

3. Global financial risks and mass-extinction events.


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